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WELCOME TO OUR BLOG! - AND YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH Why satan Fights Humanity As Tho His Life Depends On It.This book explains why we are in a spiritual warfare with satan.CLICK ONTO THE LINK OR THE BANNER TO DOWNLOAD OUR FREE EBOOK. ??????? First giving honor to God who is the author and finisher of our lives and giving thanks to God for everything that he has doneand everything that he is about to do for us. May he continue to bless this page and his will to be done as it serves to minister to others.We would also like to thank those who have helped us along the way.May the Lord add a blessing to their lives.We were called, chosen, and anointed for ministry.We believe the Father,son,and Holy Spirit are one. We except Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour, we believe and except the finished work of Jesus Christ as our salvation. By God's grace My wife and I were led of the Spirit to take a step of faith, give u...

New Blog Article - Download Or Read Our Free Ebook AND YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH  Why satan Fights Humanity As Tho His Life Depends On It. This book explains God's purpose for allowing evil to exist, and why we are in spiritual warfare with satan.

Download Our FREE EBook By Clicking onto our Blog or click on Sermons to read it.

- Everybody Needs Prayer! Praying is the oldest form of devotion. It is the basic act of communicating with God. Thank you for joining thousands of believers just like you by submitting a prayer request through Holy Land Prayer. We have faith that sending your prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ will help your request be granted! There are thousands of formal prayers, but a prayer from the heart can be even more powerful. Think about what you want to ask the Lord, and send us your prayer. We will pray your prayer and pray for you as well. Please leave a comment and your email address so we can add your name to our list. function ajaxpath_577e4bc913faa(url))();Free Comment Script                                                             Just Neighbor's (IHN) is a mission that serve...

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God is blessing us to be a blessing to you. 

It is with our sincere hope that our online ministry blesses your heart, comforts your soul,and awakens your spirit.


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